Hauschild Studios is an indie game development studio, always developing fun new games.

And… well we actually just develop games as a hobby and for fun, so of course you are absolutely welcome to try and download all of our apps on the App store!

Flappy Flight our second game on App store.

Flappy Flight is a Flappy Bird inspired game, or some might say "a knock off". When we saw Flappy Bird we got fascinated of how simple it was, and were inspired to make our own Flappy Bird style game.

SkatePro is our fourth game on App store.

The idea behind SkatePro is actually originally inspired of Subway surfers another Danish game. We searched around the App store and found that there wasn't almost any skater games to be found, so we decided to make one.

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Sling and Pops is at the moment our newest App store game.

The development started with an imagination inspired of an old game arcade game, and then we gave it life in a better and more modern version.

Pearl is our third application on App store.

We got the idea to Pearl because we thought that the iPhone and iPad touch screens were as made for bead plates, and then we also thought that making bead plates is both inspiring, fun and creative, and from that moment we knew we would make it.

White Block is a very different game.

There's no challenge to solve and no point to gain, it's just about chilling around and using your imagination, tossing a white block around the seven levels.